Letters to the Editor

Instead of protesting our flag, spend your time more wisely

I bet there are thousands of people in Mississippi who, like me, haven’t given a thought to our state flag except that it is our state flag. Then, all of a sudden, one person or a group of people decide they don’t like it. It causes hate or reminds them of the past. Well, folks, I have news for you. A flag doesn’t cause hate, people cause hate and the past is the past.

May I suggest you put your protest signs in the garbage. If you have time on your hands, go volunteer at Feed My Sheep or Our Daily Bread. Go to a nursing home and read to an old person who can’t see. Visit a veteran or help distribute clothes to the needy.

I have retired friends who spend two or three days a week building wheelchair ramps for handicapped people, fixing roofs and repairing homes affected by flooding. They can use all the help they can get. Help a homeless person. Be like those kind, caring people in Florida who made a human chain and reached out their hands to save those drowning people.

Stir up love, not hate. The majority of the people of Mississippi voted to keep this flag as our state flag.

We need to respect this and our fellow Mississippians.

Emily Beardslee