Letters to the Editor

Parents should teach decency to children

In the Sun Herald editorial, “We can’t walk away from the problems video reveals” (2C, July 16), it says we must look deeper to find the underlying cause that led to the unspeakable video to which you were referring. It is true that with modern technology, people, including children, have access to many forms of communication that were not available in previous years. You are right in that it would not be appropriate to try to restrict the technology, although it would be helpful if that were possible and fair to all.

You said that to find the underlying cause, it would take our schools, our teachers, our churches, our preachers and priests and our political leaders. I would suggest that the main underlying cause is the failure of parents to teach their children how to be decent humans, with principles and understanding of “right” and “wrong.”

The perversion of sexuality into some kind of “entertainment” is reprehensible. It appears that the children have no respect for themselves or for others.

I feel sad when I think of all the children and young people who are not being cared for and nurtured so that they can grow up to be happy, proud adults.

Jane Danielson