Letters to the Editor

Not having transgender people in the military is common sense

Most people choose to remain silent on the transgender issue publicly because they don’t want to be branded as bigots, homophobes or genderphobes, and businesses don‘t want to be trashed on social media and picketed. That is the reality and truth.

President Donald Trump’s policy tweet concerning transgender people in the military is only common sense. The military is not the place for social/sexual experimentation. The public doesn’t need to be paying for people to transition from male to female or female to male.

Transgender people have never served openly in the military in the 240-year history of America until former President Barack Obama gave the OK as he was going out the door a year ago.

American society in general is not genderphobic but simply does not accept transgender as normal or natural, nor does it want to be told they must believe it. For multiple decades medical science has labeled transgenderism a “mental illness” because it is a psychological condition not a natural phenomena. Has that reality suddenly changed? No, just the bullying of public opinion.

Transgender people should be loved and compassionately treated, not celebrated.

There are certainly common sense solutions to all that is going on, but is the LBGTQ community willing to come to the table and reason with reality? 

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach