Letters to the Editor

Facts reveal reality in Diamondhead

Diamondhead is one of the most unique places in the U.S. What started as a retirement community has grown from a total population of 5,912 in 2000, according to the national census, to 8,425 in 2010. Other sources reported 8,217 in 2016. That’s a growth of 42.51 percent, which proves many people want to live here. The median age of the population of Diamondhead in 2000, according to the national census, was 48.4 years, and in 2010 was 48.5, virtually unchanged.

The number of those aged 5 to 17 increased from 819 in 2000 to 1,246 in 2010. The number of people 65 and over was 1,471 in 2000 and 2,165 in 2010. So, is Diamondhead getting younger? Not according to reported statistics.

Even though the number of youths had increased, so had the remainder of the population — especially those over 65. Regardless of the age group, we have grown and our amenities should be adjusted to meet the needs for all age groups.

In 2014, one source again showed the median age at 48. Surprisingly, it reported no change in the total population since 2010. In a November 2012 survey by the Diamondhead Property Owners Association, it stated: Interestingly, even though we were convinced the demographics of Diamondhead in terms of age have changed dramatically, in reality they have not.

In a few years, the 2020 national census will be taken, and that report should be very interesting.

Mario Feola


Former POA president, vice president and director