Letters to the Editor

Follow the money to Russia

While the media was focused on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians and Sean Spicer’s resignation, an action of Trump Sr. was only meagerly reported. When Trump met with Russia President Vladimir Putin in Paris, he agreed to Putin’s request that the CIA stop supplying arms to the Syrian rebels. Apparently there was no quid pro quo. Putin did not promise anything in return. That marks a major shift in U.S. policy. We have always supported those who fought against totalitarian government, whether it was dictatorship or communist.

The Russophilia that Trump showed throughout the campaign is having real consequences. Many in his party are mystified by his admiration for Russia and for Putin in particular. I submit that the explanation lies in his business dealings. Follow the money. Russian oligarchs are major shareholders in Trump’s enterprises. Before the presidential campaign began, Donald Jr. said that Russians were “disproportionally represented” in Trump’s affairs.

That connection may also explain, in part, why Trump will not disclose his finances, and why special counsel Robert Mueller now wants to see them.

Bruce Emerick