Letters to the Editor

Pascagoula misses out on opportunity

Regarding the Pascagoula City Council veto of a company that would process shrimp hulls (Sun Herald, July 20, 1A, by Karen Nelson), I cannot believe the backward thinking that still exists in my former hometown. Not only would this create jobs with great starting pay and income for the city of Pascagoula, it had the potential to create more jobs in the future and possible medical uses for chemotherapy — something I have personal experience with, having lived through cancer in 2013.

I grew up in Pascagoula, and it is a shrimping/fishing/shipbuilding industrial city. After Katrina, taxes are higher, services lower and people have left, never to return.

There is Graham Seafood (in a residential area), Bozo’s Seafood (with its great seafood), Chevron, Mississippi Chemical, Huntington Ingalls (all excellent companies), numerous fishing/shrimping companies, and many small businesses, and yet a new, possibly great business is rejected. I guess if Steve Jobs had found a building and wanted to start something “new,” the city of Pascagoula would have rejected that, too, for lack of knowledge.

If council members were so concerned, why didn’t they at least investigate more about this process before vetoing? Drive down any street, see the vacant homes and buildings and vote down anything you don’t understand. Very disappointing. Plenty of other cities and states welcome new industry. Too bad Pascagoula isn’t one of them.

Jo Nagorka

Tequesta, Florida