Letters to the Editor

The swamp is getting bigger

The problem isn’t deciding to keep Obamacare or replace with a GOP version. The real problem is our elected officials are paid for by lobbyists.

Our government has allowed food corporations to sell us food that is destroying our well-being. Our major health associations such as the American Heart Association and the Cancer Associations take money from sponsors that promote unhealthy foods and from the drug companies that are capitalizing on poor health.

When President Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp and fix health care, I thought his agenda included exposing senators and congressmen who accept money from lobbyists or are paid by sponsors through fundraisers.

I have worked for several major corporations and owned several companies. We have always had policies to prevent employees from moonlighting without written permission and did not allow employees to work as a representative expressing their own views for profit. No corporation/fundraiser should be allowed to give a government employee money and no government employee should accept any money while employed.

There is good cause for lobbyists to help influence our elected officials and to hear the struggles of our people and corporations. So you should be able to lobby and you should be able to donate but you should not be allowed to do both. Researchers estimate there is more lobbying taking place than is reported and that influencing our politicians is a $7 billion dollar a year industry. The swamp just got bigger.

William A. Linville