Letters to the Editor

Call now to stop Senate health care bill

I am addressing this letter to Mississippi retirees, both Republican and Democrat. The U.S. Senate, in defiance of the national outrage at the so-called Health Care bill (a tax cut for the rich disguised as a health care bill), will soon be voting on a bill that will adversely impact almost all Mississippians and, indeed, the rest of the nation. This new version (lipstick on a pig) will slash Medicaid, weaken Medicare and put retirees in Mississippi in jeopardy.

As much as they’d like you to think otherwise, your voice can make a difference. Call Sen. Roger Wicker at 202-224-6253 and Sen. Thad Cochran at 202-224-5054 and tell them, as a constituent, you expect them to vote “no” on this travesty of a health care bill. You expect them to put our country ahead of politics and party. Do not let them usurp your retirement and health because of some ill-advised dogma. Do not stop at one call. Call every day until this bill is defeated.

Stephen Kutos

Pass Christian