Letters to the Editor

List of Clinton scandals goes on and on

In the Sunday, July 16, letters, Ray Howze asks what Trump voters were thinking on Election Day in November.

I was thinking about the scandals in Arkansas in which the Clintons involved themselves. I was thinking about Jennifer and Juanita and Sally in Arkansas and Monica in Washington. I was thinking about the White House travel office scandal. I was thinking about the Rose Law Firm files being found in Hillary’s closet. I was thinking about Vince Foster. I was thinking about Hillary failing the Bar Exam in Washington when she was clerking on the Watergate Committee. I was thinking about Hillary somehow passing the Bar Exam in Arkansas while Bill was state attorney general. I also recall that even though she knew nothing about cattle and cattle futures that she invested $1,000 and it magically became $100,000.

The list goes on and on. For decades, on Election Day, in some local and most national campaigns, we have been forced to vote for the lesser of the evils instead of a highly qualified candidate. Politics have become so dirty and rotten that the most qualified people do not want to get into bed with all of the career politicians.

Jim Towler