Letters to the Editor

What were you thinking when you voted for Trump?

Many of you who voted for President Donald Trump (Democrats and Republicans) are veterans and also many consider themselves patriots. His policies will take away your health care, slash your Medicaid and in general abandon those who voted for him.

Why do you continue to support him and his family, who by the way were not elected to anything. I won’t use the word ignorant because we are all ignorant on any subject until we’ve been educated or informed. Then there is stupid. Stupid is knowing but still doing the same thing even when it goes against your own best interest. I won't call anyone who reads this stupid, I will let you decide for yourself your own status for making excuses and accepting the behavior of Trump, his co-horts and family members.

My fellow citizens, what are you thinking? You let Steven Palazzo treat you like serfs. He votes his own agenda. For policies that harm you. He won’t meet with or talk with you and our president's acts border on treason.

Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders ended her daily news conference with "you knew what you were getting when you voted for him." Does that statement make us ignorant or stupid?

Ray Howze