Letters to the Editor

Americans have forgotten the true God

I have heard some say that the problem in America today is that we have forgotten the true God. Yes we have. Even the term Christian has become tainted and meaningless because many who claim to be Christians are not, because they don’t know or choose to reject what the Bible actually says about how you become one.

These so called Christians have made up their own God, their own Jesus who is Ok with their chosen life path, their behavior, their morals and values. They know just enough about the Bible to cherry pick some verses to try and validate themselves.

Evangelist and Pastor Michael Youseff says it this way, “Our culture has tragically bought into the ‘greatest lie.’ Simply put, the greatest lie is that God does not judge or condemn anyone, and that everyone will go to heaven when they die.”

This is sad, tragic. The Bible is key, and most everyone has a half dozen of them lying around the house, but most are unread, and unbelieved. Presbyterian pastor E. Paul Hovey wrote, "Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself but because it contradicts them."

Millions of people around the world turn to the Word of God (Bible), repent of their sins and their lives are changed. People everywhere take the “challenge” — sincerely asking, “God, if you are real, show me, as I read your Word, that you are true.” Try it if you dare, it will change your life for the better forever.

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach