Letters to the Editor

We must maintain our great national experiment

I enjoyed the July Fourth issue of the Sun Herald and was gratified to see the one-page “God Bless America” presentation from Hobby Lobby. Citing numerous writings from presidents, Supreme Court justices, Founding Fathers, congressmen, etc., it affirmed that we are indeed a Christian nation.

Paradoxically and unlike Muslim Middle East countries whose constitutions enshrine Islam, our Constitution makes no mention of Christianity, yet it is unquestionably the work product of Christian men giving voice to our Judea-Christian and Natural Law heritage. What else could do such a thing?

There are those in our times, when cultural relativism and political correctness so obscure our view, whose secular, progressive ideologies seek to suppress the freedoms of those with whom they disagree. Witness, for instance, what is transpiring on many of our college campuses.

We are and have been a country with many flaws, the greatest of which is today’s innumerable abortions, yet by the wisdom of our human founders we have the means to ultimately overcome them. It belongs to us to struggle to maintain our great national experiment and win over those who stray.

God Bless America.

Harry R. Hull Jr.

Pass Christian