Letters to the Editor

Clinics, doctors set number of visits

In regard to the Letter to the Editor, “Health-care change not good for taxpayers” (June 28, 3C), the writer appears to be under the mistaken impression that the federal government mandates a certain number of patient visits to a medical clinic or doctor per time period. Not so.

The “every three months” (four visits a year) she mentions would be the chosen policy of the particular medical clinic or physician she visits.

Due to scaled-down insurance payments, physicians may decide to increase their patients’ number of routine visits to help make up the difference in income. Unfortunately, this may also trim the time your physician spends with you.

She writes that, in the past, one routine clinic visit a year was sufficient to handle her medical needs. This is a matter she should discuss directly with her doctor and come up with a compromise that works better for her.

Richard Harkness

Ocean Springs