Letters to the Editor

Educate yourself before you vote

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s estimated average wealth is $22.8 million. His wife, Elaine Choa, who was confirmed as the secretary of transportation, has an estimated wealth of $24 million. These two receive $320,000 in salary every year they are both in office. They have the best retirement and medical care available and it is paid for by American citizens.

McConnell had the audacity to go behind closed doors, write and present a bill to the Senate that would cut taxes for his family and other wealthy senators. If this bill passes, our most vulnerable citizens will be denied the right to medical care they receive from Medicaid.

The Mississippi Republican Legislature has already cut service to programs that help these vulnerable citizens. College tuition has increased, and other programs for middle- and lower-income families have been cut while big business and the very wealthy have been given huge tax cuts and incentives.

Republicans have been trying to repeal Social Security since its inception. Many elderly citizens would lose their only source of income, but they still vote for Republicans. Republicans constantly target Medicare for repeal and yet the elderly still vote them into office. Veterans benefits are cut and yet veterans still put Republicans into office. Why?

Please educate yourselves about every issue before you make a commitment to vote for any politician. Does anyone remember this quote and from where it came: “Whatever you do to the least of my people, you do to me.”

Shirley A Miller