Letters to the Editor

New health care plan beyond ‘mean’

Here is the new health care timeline:

▪  June 14: After the House passed its version of the new health care law, President Donald Trump said House bill is “mean.”

▪  June 22: After the Senate passed its version of the new health care law, former President Barack Obama said the Senate bill possessed “fundamental meanness at the core of the bill.”

▪  June 22: House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, agree there is no appreciable difference between the House bill and the Senate bill.

▪  June 26: On “Fox & Friends,” President Trump, commenting on former president Obama’s calling the plan fundamentally mean, said: “Mean — that was my term. ... Well actually he used my term.”

▪  June 26: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that 15 million Americans who are now insured will not have insurance next year under the Senate bill; and this number will grow to 22 million in 10 years.

▪  June 26: The American Medical Association urged a no vote on the House/Senate bills because doctors take an oath to “first do no harm.” The AMA said the obvious: “Without sufficient coverage, people often delay getting the care they need. This, in turn, changes a manageable condition into a life-threatening and expensive emergency.”

President Trump and former President Obama should step beyond calling the new health plan “mean,” and recognize that it is cruel and life-threatening, especially to those Americans who are the most vulnerable.

Charles A. Boggs

Long Beach