Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana is abused, too

Did Shea Dobson just shoot himself in his newly elected foot? In a telephone interview with a Coast news program, the Ocean Springs mayor-elect said he supported medical marijuana.

In support of my realization that the strongest element in the world is iron(y), his interview was preceded by a report on the rise of opioid deaths in Mississippi. Legally produced, prescribed and consumed opioids are, indeed, beneficial to those in need (like marijuana) but the abuse is widespread and deadly. There is no way to limit medical marijuana to just those in need. All legally manufactured and prescribed drugs were intended to help those with specific medical conditions. The abuse of these beneficial drugs has been, so far, unstoppable. Adding one more substance to the menu is not the answer.

My law enforcement background, including two years in an undercover capacity, has shown me the following: Although not as physically addictive as opioids, marijuana can foster a mental reliance on it. It is, in my opinion, the quintessential gateway drug. I hope the mayor-elect was not suggesting that Ocean Springs become a “sanctuary city” of sorts.

Chuck Burkhard

Ocean Springs