Letters to the Editor

Seek counseling on lifestyle decisions

I read with interest the article “LGBT+ Pride organizers preparing a big event” in the June 6 issues of the Sun Herald. Organizers hope the event will be “life-changing for young people who might not realize just how much support they have in the community.” They also want people “to feel comfortable bringing their children to the event” and hope eventually to raise “enough money to support community nonprofits such as a gay youth center.”

I have no particular expertise in LGBT matters and, while I have personal beliefs at odds with much of what LGBT advocates profess, I do not demean or hate those of that persuasion. Indeed, in my extended family, there are some who have lived homosexual lifestyles. I do know this, though. Tendencies don’t necessarily justify actions. Also, there are many professionals who would counsel others, including the young people addressed here, not to give in to their tendencies.

We live in a society which, since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, has charted a course the results of which are woefully apparent in current sexual morals and the breakdown of family life. Young people experiencing homosexual tendencies need not be embarrassed by that fact, but they and their parents would do well to consult competent clergy and professionals before embarking on a lifestyle that may ultimately be at odds with good morals and natural law — and their well-being.

Harry R. Hull Jr.

Pass Christian