Letters to the Editor

Homeless problem hurting Biloxi

My family and I began coming to Biloxi about 20 years ago. We enjoyed the beach and many of the Coast’s attractions.

We have shared our love of Biloxi with our family and many of our friends over the years, and in turn they would come back year after year.

We were heartbroken and devastated when Katrina hit, and grieved at the loss in Biloxi and surrounding cities. But, we came back.

However, I am beginning to wonder why.

One of my greatest joys was to walk on the beach, but that enjoyment is compromised as homeless people now make it difficult and intimidating to access the beach. We were approached by several people wanting money. We have found so much trash including drug paraphernalia, even needles. We no longer feel safe.

This past weekend, I was there on a business trip and several members of the tour asked if I could take them sight seeing.

Imagine my disgust when we arrived at the Katrina Memorial only to find the homeless had taken it over, apparently residing in the gazebo in Town Green. A homeless man also laid claim to one of the benches.

There has been so much work put in to the memorial, so much work put in to trying to put Biloxi on the map as a place to visit, only to have it taken over by vagrants. What a shame. The whole city is becoming a dump. I was really ashamed and embarrassed.

Renee Parnell

Chattanooga, Tennessee