Letters to the Editor

Our greatness is being destroyed

So we’re going to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. We recently watched China take over as the undisputed leader in Asia, because we walked out on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Obama wasn’t so stupid after all. We’ve sent Western Europe packing by walking out on NATO, figuratively.

We will be in the back of the bus on energy technology. Some others will be the leaders in this part of humankind’s future. We have been great for a long time, but the Republican Party and their “friend of Russia” will destroy our greatness.

What we are witnessing is the destruction of the Republican Party. They’re going down hard. They are taking our leadership in the world with them. The moment is coming when the former Republicans will be saying, “Well, we didn’t mean it, we’re sorry, if we’d known how it was going to come out.” By which time, America will be in a deep, deep, hole.

Make America great again, indeed!

John Kunellis