Letters to the Editor

Tackle the important issues, please

Can you understand this: The Congress and Senate, of our country, are wasting our money. They are continually fighting against President Donald Trump or each other and not doing the job we elected them to do.

I am very ashamed of the people we sent to Washington, D.C., as they are not tackling the important issues they should. I am certain you have issues you would like to see taken up by both the Congress and Senate. We have highly paid governmental servants who get up in the morning and look at what they can do to try and bring down the president or the opposing party. They are a disgrace to the offices they are put in by us.

We need them to look at the country and the mess it is in. In whatever area, it is a mess that needs to be fixed. The problems with our cities and the needs of the people are a lot more important than this partisan fighting that is constantly on the news. I demand these people either do the job we sent them there to do, or quit. Right now, they are acting like juveniles and not grownups who represent our country.

Richard D. Vermeulen

Ocean Springs