Letters to the Editor

We need a flag that is welcomed by all

I am 80, white, and, like countless others with Mississippi roots, descended from men who fought in the Civil War on behalf of the Confederacy. Like many Southerners, I have a high regard for their valor and fortitude. However, like many Americans, I am a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and grateful the Union forces prevailed.

I read with interest the recent very well-fashioned and poignant endorsement for a new state flag in “Removing state flag from Biloxi buildings is the right thing to do” (Forum, May 3), which was co-signed by many Coastians. We simply cannot ignore the facts that our black brothers and sisters constitute 37 percent of our population and that many of them are offended by our current state flag. We simply must have a flag that is welcomed by all.

Perhaps if we had some good samples of what a new flag might look like, some of our populace might be more inclined to endorse a legislative change. It would be nice if the Sun Herald and other state papers would join to conduct a public competition in which talented artists could submit drawings for a new flag. Prize money could be awarded to entries judged to be superior. A lot of people want a new flag. If they are willing to put their money where their mouth is, the papers should be able to collect more than enough prize money to encourage competition.

Harry R. Hull Jr.

Pass Christian