Letters to the Editor

Let’s think sensibly about North Korea

Could we please step back a bit from the pundits’ theories that World War III is in the offing because North Korea is, once again, threatening to attack the U.S. and its allies? I have several thoughts on why North Korea wouldn’t dare.

1. North Korea, through its succession of mentally deficient leaders, has been threatening to destroy countries for at least 50 years. They have upon occasion had territorial dustups with South Korea, but nothing on a massive or nuclear level.

2. As unstable as he may be, Kim Jung Un knows an attack on the U.S. or its allies would cause his country cease to exist and most likely his life to end. He may be looney but I doubt if all his military leaders are.

3. China must realize a North Korea attack would most probably lead to the unification of the Korean peninsula, which would put a democratic nation at the Yalu river. China would not want that any more than Russia wanted U.S. defensive missiles in Poland some years ago.

4. North Korea would have been destroyed in 1950 without the intervention of China and I believe the economic repercussions would preclude China from behaving the same way today.

The world recognizes Un is a rogue and unstable leader. Responding to every challenge issued by North Korea is an exercise in futility and only elevates his position among his own people.

Chuck Burkhard

Ocean Springs