Letters to the Editor

Let’s not ignore some important facts

Read the April 23 letter trashing Republican red states on the environment. It is more of the same finger pointing from the left, while ignoring some facts.

A USA Today article April 19, “California again No. 1 in unbreathable air,” listed the top 25 cities with unhealthy air pollution. The top four cities and six of the top 10 are in California.

More than 50 percent (13 of 25) were on the liberal West Coast. Not one of the cities was in the conservative South, including Texas.

What about the excuse of bigger cities causing more pollution? Texas has just as many big cities as California, not to mention a lot of oil refineries.

The article tried to let California off the hook a little by saying it has a lot of year-round sun, which was a major factor in holding in pollution. Hmm, that’s a major factor in pollution?

Also in the top 25 was Seattle, known for its year-round clouds and rain.

We visit the West Coast every year, with children living in the Portland and Seattle areas, and can attest to the lack of sunshine. One thing I expected to see as we travel through California, Oregon and Washington every year was solar panels on a lot of houses. I did not see that. Maybe the taxpayer-subsidized solar-panel plant, Solyndra, would not have gone broke if the pollution-fighting “blue states” had bought solar panels.

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs