Letters to the Editor

Public service at its best

Many thanks to Councilman Ricky Dombrowski and the staff at Gulfport Public Works for their help in trimming back an overgrown crape myrtle at the entrance to our older Gulfport neighborhood. Within a day of emailing Councilman Dombrowski, a public works crew was out at the site and a day later the tree trimming began, including removal of a nasty oak tree that had grown up through the middle, causing tree chaos.

At a time when government service is looked down upon, it was refreshing to see the councilman, the City’s 311 response office and the public works crew work quickly, efficiently and with great customer service. Nobody judged the tree as a Democratic tree or a Republican tree — it was public service at its best, and it makes me proud of my city.

Wayne Aronson