Letters to the Editor

Carrubba has earned our trust

Agree or disagree, I know I can always trust Leonard Carrubba to do the right thing. He always has Long Beach’s best interests at heart, and eight years in office haven’t changed him a bit. If you want to “drain the swamp,” Leonard is your candidate.

Every candidate talks about bringing in new businesses, and that’s been true in Long Beach for as long as I can remember. But one of the reasons we’ve had a difficult time is the perception that the city plays favorites.

Too often, City Hall bends rules for political insiders at the expense of everyone else, and bigger companies avoid these kinds of towns like the plague. Leonard Carrubba has not gotten into bed with developers who seek illegal spot zoning exceptions or variances that maximize profit at the expense of neighboring property owners. He has consistently stood up for the rights of property owners and fought to ensure properties are developed with a sense of fairness.

With honest government and a professional approach, we’ll be better positioned to attract development that benefits taxpayers.

Let’s put our trust in candidates who have earned it. Leonard Carrubba has earned that trust: trust to safeguard our city’s assets, trust to protect taxpayers from wasteful spending and lawsuits, and trust to take a bold, honest approach to Long Beach city government.

Barney Hill

Long Beach