Letters to the Editor

Red states ignore environmental concerns

It’s interesting that blue states pay the taxes that subsidize red states, but the red states treat their blue benefactors hatefully in return.

Maybe there’s a biblical lesson here.

The Republican red states want to run the show. They’re angry at the ‘elites’ in Democratic blue states. However, these same red states can’t seem to run their own states. So what do they do? They act out of spite. Jesus talked about people who trample wisdom and the wise.

Take the environmental issues before the whole world. It’s wise to protect the Earth and the environment. Most of the world is on board with this thinking. Who isn’t? American red states.

If the blue states want environmentally wise behavior, the red-state response is to trample that wisdom.

The Sierra Club now refers to the president and his red administration as “the wrecking crew.” Jesus spoke about people who wreck the wise.

John Kunellis