Letters to the Editor

‘Progress’ is not good for wildlife

How many people are distressed about the “so-called” progress being made with new residential and commercial developments on the Mississippi Coast? I am. It seems the only way we can protect our wildlife is through federal and state sanctuaries.

Now, in Ocean Springs, there is a report about a 7-acre development to be built off U.S. 90. The mayor is so happy with this economic progress, but the wildlife is going to suffer. Our Coast animals are quickly losing their habitat, which leads to them being killed one way or another. I am not happy at all.

I am sure it is inevitable to have this “progress,” yet you who will not prosper from it will see the woods and fields disappear and replaced with concrete, glass and steel. But just think — you might get that special product that never was here until the new shopping center arrived.

The raccoons, foxes and other wildlife know nothing about your happiness.

Richard Vermeulen

Ocean Springs