Letters to the Editor

‘Medicare-for-all’ deserves support

Though fewer than half of the Democrats in the House of Representatives support a “Medicare-for-all” bill that has enjoyed a nearly 70 percent approval rating among the American people, the rest of the party wonders about how they’re going to persuade the people to accept it over a course of decades. How is this even a discussion? How can only 72 of 193 House Democrats and absolutely no House Republicans support something with almost double the approval rating of the president of the United States? I genuinely would like to know at what point something hits an approval rating the Democrats and Republicans will then support. Seventy-five percent? Ninety percent?

More than two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all, while only one-sixth of the House is supporting it, and scarcely a word from the Senate beyond Bernie Sanders. We must ask why they don’t support it. The new plan pays for itself in reduced health-care costs, and catches us back up to the rest of the civilized world in providing health care to every citizen of our vast nation. Yet somehow, our politicians refuse to support it. I think it’s time we called our representatives and senators and gave them a firm reminder of who we elected them to represent.

Hint: It’s not the insurance companies that donated nearly $150 million to Republicans and Democrats in the 2016 elections.

And if they still don’t budge afterward? Well, I’m looking forward to their losses in the midterms.

Daniel Knope