Letters to the Editor

Hail to the chief

First the GOP establishment bent themselves out of shape trying to be in sync with President Donald Trump. Now the local electorate is following suit. Having cast their obligatory anti-Democrat vote, they are trying to make it look like it was the right thing to do.

The Sun Herald’s Sound Off column has published things like: “The election clearly showed that the public prefers the Republicans over the Democrats.” In fact, Hillary Clinton got nearly 3 million votes more than Trump.

Another claimed Trump had accomplished more in two months than Obama did in eight years. Like what? He has managed to stay in the news with his false accusations and disapproved attempts to limit immigration. He has insulted England by claiming it was complicit in the fictitious wire-tapping. He has handed the baton to China by exiting the TPP. China has replaced it with its own version — U.S. not invited. He has appointed foxes to guard the henhouses of Energy and the EPA. The proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act was so bad, even many Republicans didn’t like it.

The Russians were so happy Trump was elected that they demonstrated in the streets. That must have been the big inauguration crowd he bragged about.

Bruce Emerick