Letters to the Editor

Support work of our humanities

I am writing in support of the Mississippi Humanities Council, which is funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The WINGS Performing Arts Program at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center has been honored to receive numerous grants from the MHC, which has supported our efforts to bring humanities-based arts programming, workshops and projects into schools and make them available to Mississippi Coast children and families.

Our most-recent grant award was for the a student film festival called The Celebration of Mississippi Heroes. Students from across the Coast have submitted short films focusing on Mississippians who have made a difference in our world, our state and our community. A number of these films will be shown at the State Bicentennial Celebration, March 31 and April 1, and we are hosting a film festival at Lynn Meadows on April 8. The heroes in these films feature nationally known names as well as a musician who plays in front of a store and brings people joy.

All of these students and adult mentors have grown from this project. There is interest at the state level in using these films at the Bicentennial Celebrations in Oxford and Jackson. This project will touch hundreds of lives. The MHC is integral to the WINGS program at Lynn Meadows and has been instrumental in our national recognition.

Please support the NEH and the MHC.

Tonya Hays