Letters to the Editor

Trump’s war

President Donald Trump and his administration are facing extreme opposition — not from the American people, but from the “usual suspects” on the Left and the D.C. Swampland Coalition.

Trump’s presidency threatens a number of folks, groups that have been tightening their stranglehold on America, seeking to change it from a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles, a Constitution for the ages, free-market economics, and the rule of law to a godless, lawless, centrally controlled secular/progressive state.

The mainstream media is out front, publishing “fake news,” false narratives and alternative facts trying to sabotage Trump.

The co-opted socialist Democratic Party, the party that booed God and voted him out of their platform in 2012, has as their sole goal to obstruct anything Trump.

The Washington establishment — the “Never Trumpers,” Washington elites of both parties, lobbyists, businesses CEOs living off government largess, and anything status quo see their “lifestyle” in jeopardy. We should all be cheering.

The administrative deep state, embedded progressive ideologues in cabinet departments including the intelligence agencies, leaking and twisting information in an attempt to sabotage any change and new policy. Fire them all.

If that isn’t enough, Trump must deal daily with his ego, but his tweeting is necessary to counter press bias.

Trump and his inner circle know what they face and realize they must hunker down and drive ahead doing the business they believe the American people want. President Obama was about transformation. President Trump must be about restoration.

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach