Letters to the Editor

America’s culture is eroding

America was a God-fearing country when the Constitution was written. Today, lawlessness and immorality are either covered up or allowed by new laws. People want to live by the way they “feel inside,” thinking it’s completely OK. Even some schools condone this so-called freedom.

Sin is sin. We know it’s wrong and evil. Those who want to live their own way, to be the gender they want to be and to try to change the rules to conform to their wishes are wrong. Sin, including sexual sin, has been going on since the start of the human race. It is not freedom, but rebellion against our Creator.

America’s culture is being eroded from within by addictions, violence, theft, abuse, abortions, on and on. People don’t want to listen to God; they laugh at him. He knows what’s going on, and allows it for his own reasons. In his own time there will be a reckoning.

I’m thankful our president is a Christian man and not afraid to say it. But no human can save our nation. Believers must continue to cry out to God for America. God alone changes hearts and gives true life.

Alice Jones

Bay St. Louis