Letters to the Editor

No fake lakes

I am outraged that two tributaries of the Pascagoula River are threatened with being dammed by George County residents who want fake lakes for recreation.

This project has nothing to do with the drought resiliency of the Pascagoula River as numerous studies have shown that the creation of reservoirs by damming tributaries is actually detrimental to rivers.

The Pascagoula River is a national treasure and deserves our protection. It is the only major river system in the lower 48 states with no dams on any of its main branches.

Jackson County has been attracting national attention with its eco-tourism promoting kayaking, canoeing and birding on the Pascagoula River. The Pascagoula River Basin is still a place where nature dominates and the lands surrounding the river and its tributaries are a haven not only for the diverse plant and animal communities but for all who care to explore them.

The Pascagoula River should continue to flow free.

Sandra Alawine