Letters to the Editor

Dangers of doing business

Warning to Gulfport City Council and the Gaming Commission: Beware of the the casino development group seeking to build a new casino in the harbor area. These are foreign investors who from the beginning are trying to change rules of engagement for Coast casino development.

A. Reduced rent until administration changes rules. (done)

B. Does not have pre-requisite funding for project. Attorney Robert Lubin states he needs 120-140 foreign investors to raise needed money, which he does not have now and should in order to get a lease agreement to build.

C. Lubin scoffs at the $290 million the Scarlet Pearl spent to build a world-class casino and infrastructure, saying, “I don’t understand for the life of me why they spent so much money.”

There have been other fly-by-night proposals for this site and you have been wise enough to turn them down. Make this new outfit toe the line of the regulations you have in place to protect the industry and don’t slap in the face the companies that have complied and are thriving.

Ray Howze