Letters to the Editor

Homeless are our people

To whoever is concerned and can possibly stand and do something for the people in Gulfport: There are so many people who are homeless and can’t get a job because of their past mistakes.

However, they still have needs like the rest of us. It hurts my heart to see the homeless coming out of the bushes or to hear them say they were refused a job because they answered yes to the question concerning felony convictions. How is anyone allowed to start over?

I heard a wise man say, “It is bad when we don’t have a place to turn to.” I agree it is shamefully sad. Look at how we have built up this city and continue to build but are not concerned about the people who live here. I never heard anyone say, “Let’s get together and build a homeless shelter or a halfway house.” There are some talented people out there who are homeless.

This is for anyone who can make a difference and change things in this city. Someone who can make things happen. I know you’re out there. I’m just a concerned citizen who wishes I could. I pray someone will respond for this cause. I hope someone will respond with some ideas. Maybe the City Council can make a difference.

This is our city and they are our people.

Barbara Jones