Letters to the Editor

Icy positivity

For 15 years, I saw the effect youth hockey had on this area. Prior to Katrina, more than 300 youth were involved in the sport. Many traveled throughout the Southeast representing Biloxi/Harrison County. They won multiple championships and trophies — all as representatives of this region. Even after Katrina, we took a team of 5- to 8-year-olds to Nashville for a major national tournament and faced teams from all over the Southeast and Midwest and brought home a runner-up title, even though our youth program had been ravaged by the storm. Everyone we played was in awe that we were from this area. Pretty good advertising in my mind.

However, this focuses on more than hockey. Figure skating would play a prominent part of the programs offered. Public skating would be the largest portion of the programs offered. The public has, for years shown an overwhelming desire to have skating available as the Coliseum attendance (for the eight weeks per year they have ice available) has repeatedly proven.

Connie Rockco was quoted in the Sun Herald concerning the support of organizations on the Coast: “We’re supporting children, usually, by supporting these groups. … We support them as they represent the county,” she said. “They help give the county a positive image.”

Please give us a chance to provide this positive image and this sports opportunity to this region.

Malcolm Jones