Letters to the Editor

Make the right call

Although my concerns are grave, I am content with food, clothes and shelter.

Is America on the verge of becoming homeless? If home is where the heart is, surely the heart is not behind bars. But we spend $80 billion a year on the criminal justice system, which is an indicator that home is in lockup.

Surely the heart is not in the neighbor’s home. Burying foreign-made products instead of American-made moves me to think we’re shopping in someone else’s closet.

Surely everyone loves their place of worship. It is written in the Bible that God will make you the lender and not the borrower. America’s national debt is approaching $20 trillion, and we kneel to the banks.

On behalf of peace and agreement with our allies, I suggest we work together to let 911 to the authorities be our final call.

Courtize Hicks