Letters to the Editor

And they still say, ‘Roll Tide’

In response to “Way to Go!” (Sound Off, Page 2A, Jan. 11), folks shouldn’t find joy in the potholes or interruptions in a person’s — or in this case — a team’s winning streak.

Your team perhaps did poorly this season, and your dismay and disappointment is taken out on a team that has won 16 national championships and is led by a perfectionist.

You’re confusing “rant” with pride in a winning formula. You’re not alone. Haters are gonna hate, and no one, not even coach Nick Saban, could drill that out of you.

Clemson came to win and win they did and a great game it was.

If perhaps you should one day strive for nothing less than grit, determination and giving 110 percent, there’s room on the Crimson bleachers as we shake off the loss and head for our 17th title as national champions.

Pride: Pass it on. Roll Tide Roll!

Chris Peterson

Pass Christian