Letters to the Editor

New outlook for new year

Well, we made it to 2017. My finger kept putting an 8. I guess it is because the time goes so fast!

I hope that everyone has a great new year! Please read a piece by Max Ehrman called “Desiderata.” It is a wonderful writing of the author’s perception of how we should live.

I myself am going to strive to be as peaceful and decent a human being as I can as a New Year’s resolution. I am going to follow Ehrman’s writing to the fullest extent that I can.

We are only here for a short while. The time creeps up until you reach past 40 years old and then it rockets along. One day you are at the age of Social Security and retirement and you wonder where the time went!

You also reflect on where you have gone in your life, more so than when you were young. What kind of legacy will you leave behind? I never thought much on it until recently. Now I am going to try to erase the bad and add to the good in my life.

I hope that you will have a great new year and place God first, family second and America third.

Richard Vermeulen

Ocean Springs