Letters to the Editor

Can you say ‘bad government’?

Well fellow taxpayers, interesting news about the state budget (“Budget writers prepare to say ‘no’ to requests,” 4A, Dec. 12).

It seems that the intrepid Republican supermajority and their trusty sidekick governor have had to cut the budget by nearly $200 million. They say revenue shortfalls are the reason for the cuts. They also are refusing to rule out even deeper cuts after they get in session, if what they sort out warrants it.

This is the same bunch of thinkers that gave the absolutely biggest businesses among us, a $250 million tax cut not so many months ago. Can you say Sam Brownback in Kansas, or Bobby Jindal in Louisiana? Are we being led right down the same path to fiscal disaster that Kansas and Louisiana are now enjoying?

To add insult to injury, in recent weeks, in the pages of this very newspaper, the head of the state’s Department of Revenue called small business taxpayers “cheaters” and asserted they needed to get to the bottom of that. This year, revenue audits on small businesses have nearly doubled. There’s a reason for all this monkey business. Can you say “malfeasance”?

John Kunellis