Letters to the Editor

Museum’s waterfront should have boats

Finally, after many years of indecision, there is a plan. Biloxi has a plan to bring the waterfront back to the people and do some serious work to make this a great place to live, play, work and retire. It fact, it was the Biloxi waterfront that was my deciding factor when buying a retirement home in July 2005. Katrina changed the waterfront, but I’m still here and hoping for the best with each new announcement.

However, past performance by local and state governments makes me wonder if this is just more whitewash and hot air. My prime example is our world class, award-winning waterfront Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum and the lovely park adjacent to it on the eastern tip of Point Cadet. The keyword here is waterfront and that brings to mind a place where boats sail off into the bay, and festivals and fairs have boatloads of visitors cruising by.

These kinds of activities and direct use of our shoreline here is prohibited. The contractor rebuilding the Biloxi Bay Bridge saved money by dumping debris here instead of the Katrina Reef. I have been in touch with Delbert Hosemann’s office, but I imagine they’re too busy with piers on Deer Island and elsewhere.

So I’m asking Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich to look into this disaster and give us a world class museum that can grow and take its ships “out of the bottle” and into the sea.

Clive Mutschler

Ocean Springs