Letters to the Editor

Cost of prestige

It has been brought to my attention that our president-elect has declined two brand-new planes. I agree that the price may be astronomical, but here’s the deal: It should earn its keep.

The White House is the pride of our nation. Why doesn’t it carry a magazine? That’s one way they could pay for the two planes.

Everybody wants to know what the latest trendsetting clothes are, what are the latest meals being served and what things are being done to hold the White House together. Shelter doesn’t come cheap.

Another way Air Force One could be paid for: Every town a sitting president visits should label all of its homes and shelters the White House. This should raise standards. If the president visits, it is an honor and people could have their homes on the same level as the most prestigious place on Earth.

That’s political influence a symbol of freedom like Air Force One should carry.

Courtize Hicks