Letters to the Editor

Greed, unrestrained

While Donald Trump’s tweet storms keep the media occupied, his governmental appointments reveal his ideology of combining business, including his own, with government.

The Republican dream of repealing the New Deal and Great Society, which created the middle class, is about to come true after the Obama years when Republicans ruthlessly blocked the recovery and unleashed anger and division.

The Reagan/Bush tax cuts created plutocrats who have invested billions of dollars in media, and think tanks to write policy and laws, then elected state governments who have enacted them with lightning speed.

For years, Paul Ryan has pushed a plutocratic budget that slashes taxes, deregulates business and the environment, and privatizes Medicare, Social Security, the VA, schools, etc. Using Ryan’s words, all taxes would pass through the makers before anything trickles down to the takers.

Ryan is already selling the idea that Obamacare has bankrupted Medicare. The replacement will be a plan that issues vouchers/tax credits to buy private insurance. Since the Republicans control all three branches of government and the legislation is already written, it should pass quickly before any opposition can be mounted, followed by a triumphal presidential tweet.

Think it can’t happen here? Several formerly liberal Midwestern states bear witness that it can.

Massive tax cuts are coming, followed by a boom and bust with no bailouts or safety net to catch us.

In the America that flourished and saved the world, greed was well-regulated and restrained by taxes.

What happens when it’s not?

Jo Ann Slade