Letters to the Editor

Warming questions

Watching the meltdown of the loony left after the 2016 election is becoming hilarious.

Now I see that noted scientist Paul Hampton has joined other notable scientists such as Ted Danson (B.A. drama), Leo DiCaprio (high school dropout), Whoopi Goldberg (high school dropout) and Al Gore (lawyer) in accepting “man-made global warming” as fact. This despite the fact that there is not one shred of empirical evidence leading to that conclusion.

I notice that in his recent article he only uses the term “climate change.” Assuming he is talking about “man-influenced climate change,” I have several questions.

▪  If man is influencing the environment, how would he recommend we stop it?

▪  If the Earth is releasing larger quantities of CO2, how would we stop it?

▪  If the “Larsen C” ice shelf is cracking, how would he stop it?

▪  Let’s say we decide to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25 percent over the next decade. What benefit would that produce?

▪  If we were that crazy, does Hampton not understand that our reduction would be picked up and probably increased by the Chinese, Indians, Indonesians and other Third World economies?

▪  Finally, why doesn’t Hampton and the rest of the enviro-nuts, shut off their A/C units, ride bicycles, bathe weekly, go totally vegan, etc. to save the world and leave the rest of us alone?

P.S. You don’t fool me, Hampton. You only want to contact Ivanka Trump because she is a solid 10.

Bill A. Myers