Letters to the Editor

Rising money grab

Recently, I’ve read nothing but articles promoting man-made climate change as fact, with a doubleheader in the Dec. 2 Insight section.

Many scientists who don’t buy into it; you just have to look for them. The supposed rising sea levels seem to be a hot topic lately. So for an opposing view, I’ll offer you a retired professor from the University of Stockholm, Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, who has studied global sea levels for decades. Not from behind a desk doing computer modeling, but by actual observable research and data collection in some of the most low-lying places on the planet.

The trouble with what has happened concerning this man-made climate change subject is that government has colluded with science here with the goal of being able to solve the “problem” only by imposing taxes on people who can pay them. That’s us, folks. Americans. We evil users of fossil fuels. Poor countries gladly accept the idea, seeing this as a never ending supply of money from the richer countries. It’s globalist, socialist, redistributionist thinking.

Wake up and smell the propaganda, people. Man-made climate change is being touted as fact and it’s not. The real goal is a money grab, using the force of government to do it.

Joe Boughton