Letters to the Editor

A soupçon of harmony

It was so dark and dreary when I arose early this morning.

The clouds were wearing their sad faces, as the translucent tears streamed from their puffy eyes in the form of heavy raindrops. It was most disparaging … most disparaging, indeed.

It appeared as if the dreariness would linger the entire day.

Faced with the possibility of not being able to accomplish anything of any significance, I gathered the cutting board, some ingredients, honed my favorite knife and busily set out to make an awesome vegetable soup from scratch.

Now that the soup is ready to serve, the reported tornado has — as if by the snap of a finger — ceased to exist. The ominous dark clouds of my awakening have dissolved like fresh, creamy butter in the microwave, and the sun has come out to cast rays of light, hope and goodness over the land and her occupants. It is refreshing and exceedingly glorious, that which can be accomplished while preparing a simple vegetable soup.

Perhaps our elected representatives in the White House and Congress should be gardners instead of politicians. Not only would they be able to brighten our days whilst whetting our immense hunger for a better life for all Americans but, conceivably, they would be able to accomplish their tasks in a manner that is easy to swallow, befitting and pleasant to our palates.

Soup anyone?

Michael Mills