Letters to the Editor

Don’t write off patients

What Singing River Hospital has done to Dr. Terry Millette and his patients is just wrong. Dr. Millette is an amazing doctor.

I hurt my neck playing softball when I was 12. I watched my friends and sisters enjoy life from my bed. I couldn’t get out of it without being in so much pain.

I kept telling doctors at Singing River my symptoms, and they wrote me off. I was losing eyesight, dizzy 24/7, couldn’t walk and throwing up because the pain was so bad.

Dr. Millette was the only doctor who listened. He didn’t write me off. I needed a C1-C2 fusion. I was sent to Johns Hopkins Hospital to have my neck surgery. Dr. Millette gave me a better life.

My neck still gives me problems, though. I’ve had a migraine headache for more than a month. My mouth and arm go numb. I just failed physical therapy and was waiting on a phone call from Dr. Millette’s office when everything happened.

I don’t want to be that girl that has to sleep away her days because it’s too painful to get out of bed.

SRHS has turned our lives upside down. They left us with no doctor, no medicine and no answers. Great health care is about the trust between doctor and patient.

I want my doctor back!

Kathryn Skelton