Letters to the Editor

How big is your jurisdiction?

As I drive home from work on Interstate 10 every day, I’ve noticed city police far outside of their municipal jurisdictions, pulling people over or just sitting.

I’ve seen Moss Point police as far out as exit 50 and Pascagoula and Ocean Springs together stopping cars near Gautier exit 61.

I’ve also noticed they typically pull over out-of-state vehicles. I realize this is probably drug task force, but who is paying for it?

Are residents paying to police an interstate highway 20 miles outside their city and targeting out-of-state drivers, all in hopes of finding that big-money bust? Why are local residents paying for a cat-and-mouse game that would have probably never affected any of these cities in the first place?

They should put the effort into their own towns and leave the highways to state troopers.

Tim Sayre