Letters to the Editor

Help right the wrong at Standing Rock

I think it is ironic we celebrate a holiday that began as European immigrants exchanging offerings with indigenous people.

Look at them today. Look at the people at Standing Rock. A once-beautiful, enlightened culture wiped out. The people are prisoners in their ancestral land, a land that has been cut down, plowed under, fished out, shot out and controlled by a few at the expense of us all.

Destroying complete eco-systems is a debt you’ll never repay. It is not possible to replace the people or nature. When are we going to learn how to treat each other?

Take a good, hard look in the mirror. It can be any one of us from now on. This is ground zero for the First Amendment. If the indigenous people of this land cannot speak up and be listened to, then we need change in a big way. We need to do everything possible to help them make right a terrible wrong. When we win, it will be a win for humanity. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Help out your brothers and sisters any way you see fit. Pray for them to have the power to resist, and for the police and our government, Sun Oil and the pipeline people to have a change of heart.

Garth Walker

Ocean Springs