Letters to the Editor

Hopson lets Monken’s setup fall apart

Todd Monken left the University of Southern Mississippi football program in great shape for Jay Hopson and his former Southwestern Athletic Conference coaches.

All they had to do was keep it going. These SWAC coaches had the reigning Conference USA Player of the Year in quarterback Nick Mullens and a favorable schedule.

Hopson and his coaches have reverted to the Ellis Johnson days of inept coaching, bad choices, no motivation and a team in disarray.

It hurts to watch a once-proud USM program lose to this bunch of C-USA teams. Even worse is watching our offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, who was let go from Kentucky after only one year, mismanage our offense.

As a side note, one of the coaches many Golden Eagles fans felt Hopson should have kept from Monken’s staff was Dave Duggan, the defensive coordinator. Duggan is a great defensive coordinator and would have provided continuity for Hopson’s staff. Duggan is now linebackers coach of 11-0 Western Michigan.

USM had two chances to hire Blake Anderson as head coach. Anderson is a former USM offensive coordinator and now head coach at Arkansas State. He was perfect for USM’s offense.

Sadly, we hire Hopson, a Jeff Bower retread, and four SWAC coaches who couldn’t even get six wins. And USM has one winning season since 2011. Pitiful.

N.L. Rogers